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We personally search out unique and authentic dutch imports. Take a look at these newly arrived items!

New Products
Croma Bakboter 200g
A great alternative for cooking meats. Croma gives your meats a scrumptous flavour and a beautiful colour
Case (Qty. 12/case)
Koopmans Appeltaart 400g
Holland's pride. Served in every resaurant in Holland. This cake looks so good it's almost a shame to eat it, but sometimes we have to make sacrifices, don't we
Case (Qty. 8/case)
Koopmans Bakmeel 500g
Self rising flour for all your baking needs
Case (Qty. 10/case)
Koopmans Boekweit Meel 500g
Buck wheat flour, an alternative to your regular baking flour
Case (Qty. 6/case)
Koopmans Boterkoek 400g
Melt in your mouth buttery cake, so good you go back for more
Case (Qty. 8/case)
Koopmans Cakemeel 500g 500g
Use this mix for making your own cake recipies at home. Makes a great loaf cake
Case (Qty. 10/case)
Koopmans Eggpancake mix 400g 400g
This mix is made using eggs. Try it with Keuken stroop or Apple stroop--awesome
Case (Qty. 10/case)
Koopmans Pannenkoeken Original 400g
Original pancake mix. Best to make large thin pancakes and top with your favourite toppings, from sweet (strawberries and whipping cream) to savoury (meat and vegetables)
Case (Qty. 10/case)
Koopmans Poffertjes 400g
A dutch favourite. Looks like tiny pancakes with an exceptional flavour. Top with butter and icing sugar.
Case (Qty. 6/case)
Oetker Baking Powder 84g
Baking Powder
Case (Qty. 12/case)
Oetker Custard Powder 400g
Delicious hot or cold custard. Add milk and sugar. Stove top or microwave. Top with Hero strawberry dessert topping
Case (Qty. 10/case)
Oetker Flavouring Vanilla 4g
Single measured quantity vanilla Flavouring
Case (Qty. 16/case)
Oetker Glaze Red 20g
Red glaze for your baked tarts and cakes
Case (Qty. 30/case)
Oetker Kwarktart Mix 195g
Delicious cake to go with your coffe or for special celebrations, it's that good
Case (Qty. 6/case)
Oetker Tarwegriesmeel 500g
This mix is for making whole wheat semolina (grits) pudding
Case (Qty. 10/case)
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We personally search out unique and authentic dutch imports. Take a look at these newly arrived items!